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The audit function is an integral function of nearly every accounting firm, and your selection of an audit firm has never been more important. With the changing economic and accounting environment, the importance of selecting an audit firm that is thorough and objective, with experience in analyzing all financial aspects of your business. MLCFS offers those qualities, and we are also familiar with your company operations, your industry and your unique needs and concerns. At MLCFS, the partner in charge of your audit will be familiar with all aspects of your business or operation, and will be serving as an advisor as well as an auditor to ensure that you:

  • meet the needs defined by outside audit requirements,

  • identify and manage any risk associated with your financial operations, and

  • are aware of opportunities to improve business operations and reduce costs.

Whether you select MLCFS as an outside auditor or consider us as a source to meet your internal audit needs, our experience is that many of our clients don't need a formal audit of financial statements but may need to obtain a compilation or review in accordance with AICPA requirements. These types of engagements are smaller in scope and less costly than an audit, but can help provide limited assurance to a client that their financial statements are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. MLCFS can help you to decide what type of assistance you need, and can assist you by:

  • preparing financial statements as represented by management or owners,

  • reviewing financial statements to obtain limited assurance that they are in accordance with applicable requirements, or

  • conducting agreed-upon procedures tailored to your needs, and targeted to areas of your financial statements that your auditors or regulators believe to be important.


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