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We have not lost a case with the IRS yet! Thank God very few clients have been audited.

IRS problems are extremely unsettling. While you are likely to feel panicked and overwhelmed, we are ready to assist you solving your tax issues in a timely fashion. We will not let a notice from the IRS sit around without taking action. The notice will contain a payoff date for any liability noted. A timely resolution to your problems is crucial to minimize the effect of penalties and interest on this any money you owe.

If you've received an audit notice, levy notice or a collections notice from the Internal Revenue Service, you know the type of fear this can cause. The good news is that you are not alone. Most people have a deep-seated fear of the IRS, and rightly so, because the IRS can hurt you financially in ways that no one else can. However, even the seemingly almighty IRS is supposed to abide by the law. However, it is not uncommon for them to use unsavory and even illegal tactics against taxpayers. What you need is someone on your side with a proven tack record of defending law abiding citizens who may have received an IRS notice.

You may be wandering, should I defend myself if I receive an IRS notice? Can my tax preparer properly represent me before the IRS? Do I need an attorney if I receive a collection notice? How much will it cost if I receive a levy notice? Is an audit notice a bad thing? To answer all these questions the simple answer is, IT DEPENDS! Every IRS tax problem has its own set of unique circumstances and we address every IRS problem in a unique manner. To assist and educate you we offer a free phone consultation to discuss your particular situation, and weigh your options. We are not here to make you empty promises, we are here to help solve IRS tax problems

Here's what to expect when you engage us to help you with your IRS tax problem. We review your case in depth to determine whether we can help you or not. There are simply some cases we will not take because we believe they can't be won. If we don't think we can help you or we feel we can't win your case then the last thing you need is the financial burden of paying for help that produces no results. Once we know we can be of real help to you regarding your IRS issue, we can then devise a strategy tailored to your specific need on how best to proceed with your case. After that it is a matter of following through and making sure the IRS plays by the proper rules.

The IRS game is likely to take many twists and turns depending on the type of IRS tax issue you have. Once we have determined what your outcome should be, it often becomes a matter of knowing the law and forcing the IRS to abide by the rules and codes they put in place. MLCFS's approach has always been aggressive, while ethically staying on the right side of the tax law to defend you and help you with your IRS tax problem.

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