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One of MLCFS's primary specialty areas is providing audit, accounting and consulting services to charitable and not-for-profit clients. We recognize the unique challenges faced by these organizations, including changing and more prescriptive regulations, and the realities associated with competing for limited funding dollars. We also recognize that if you are a charitable or not-for-profit organization, you want to focus your energies on your primary mission and what it takes to fulfill that mission.

MLCFS can assist you in coping with these challenges while maintaining focus on your primary mission. MLCFS can help you learn how to use your limited resources as efficiently as possible, and show you the benefits of running your financial operations like a business. We can also help in developing direction for the future, and identifying ways to improve programs.

In addition to the traditional audit and accounting services we offer, MLCFS can assess any additional needs you may have and develop the blend of services required to meet your needs.
We are skilled and experienced in accounting not-for-profit entities of all sizes, including community-based service providers

We can analyze your financial operations and offer alternatives for improving their efficiency.

We have experience in helping organizations such as yours develop a strategic plan to articulate clear goals and direction for the future, as well as action plans to meet these goals. We recognize that it is critical for Executive Boards and managers to be a part of plan development, and we have successfully managed these processes.

We are skilled in conducting program reviews and evaluations targeted towards improving program operations.

We can work with you to help identify potential new sources of revenue.

Charitable and not-for-profit organizations that turn to MLCFS for financial and consulting services can expect:

  • clearly articulated direction and goals for the future of the organization

  • more efficient office procedures and improved financial operations

  • the identification of opportunities to improve programs and outcomes



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