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As an employer, you recognize how important it is to develop and maintain employee benefit and retirement plans that help attract and retain good employees. MLCFS will refer out these wealth management services to a number of wealth management firms to assist you with your financial needs and our company does not receive commissions referring out these services. Mary Ling has partnered up with a few financial advisors to help plan your retirement:

Designing and initiating all required documents for 401(K) and profit sharing plans that meet the specific needs of your business, and

Administering 401(K) and profit sharing plans, to keep the plans in compliance and to minimize the time you need to spend on paperwork and administration.

Financial advisors can assist you in determining the best plan for your circumstances, including the preparation of cost projections for various types of plan and allocation formulas. Once your plan is in place, they can assume responsibility for the paperwork and administrative headaches related to plan administration including government reporting, the calculation of company contributions, income determination and allocation to participants, and discrimination testing. They are available to serve as the main IRS contact if your plan is selected for an IRS audit.

The financial advisors serve as registered investment advisors to individuals, businesses, trusts, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations.

These services include:

  • Assistance in securing financing to support expansion or to restructure debt,

  • Preparation of cash flow projections,

  • Business office reviews and business improvement planning,

  • Financial guidance if your company is experiencing or considering an ownership transfer, a merger or an acquisition, or

  • Assistance in estate and gift tax planning.



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