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The following were authorized by clients, due to confidentiality agreements, some individual names are not disclosed:

A CFP’s Comment:
I am Catherine Faddis, a CFP (Certified Financial Planner). In 2012, Mary saved me $5000 on the first tax return she did for me compared with that of another tax preparer. Since then I have been using Mary to do my complicated high-net-worth tax returns. I find Mary not only thorough, but also knowledgeable, and accurate.. Whenever my clients need tax help, I refer them to Mary. I recently (early 2017) hired Mary to be my Compliance Officer.


From Charlotte D, a CEO for a 50 Employee Company:
As a tax client of Mary Ling I feel secure in her knowledge and experience as a public accountant. She has always been responsive to my questions, issues, and concerns. I highly recommend her work.


From Jack Orrock, A Chief Financial Officer for a 60,000 Employee Company:
I want to thank Mary for making filing taxes painless. In the past I have had to prepare lengthy questioners that took me as much time to complete as it would have taken me to prepare the tax form myself. I appreciate the fact that Mary is capable, take my documents and prepare my tax return accurately without taking a considerable amount of my time to complete.


From Cathy Campbell, a Lawyer and Partner of a Law Firm:
It's a pleasure working with Mary at tax time. With my busy schedule, preparing tax returns used to be such a headache. Even more importantly, I am always confident that Mary is doing a great job in making sure that everything is done correctly.


Pay $0 Estate Tax to Gift $5,000,000:
We met Mary in a tour in April 2012.  We had around $5,000,000 assets that we wanted to gift away to our children. Mary told us we must act now to take advantage of the $5 million exemption in 2012 because the law will only allow $1 million in 2013. We met with our attorney and did the gift documents. Thanks to Mary, we did not have to pay a dime to transfer $5 million assets to our children.  By Mr. Cheng”


Exercise Stock Options to Save $135,000:
I am a large corporation executive owning a lot of options to purchase our company stock.  Mary thought that owning a lot of stocks in one company was very risky and she suggested that I exercise and sell some shares to purchase other industry stocks to diversify.  I took her advice, in the end I saved $135,000 because our corporation stock price dropped.  By Mr. Morris”


Savings $17,000 a Year for a Restaurant:
This is the first year that Mary Ling took over our book and taxes. We are a restaurant and pay social security taxes on tips of over $200,000 a year. Our prior accountant never took advantage of the "Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips". Mary looked into the IRC and studied the eligibility. It turned out that we were qualified for the credit. A credit offsets tax dollar for dollar, Mary has been saving us $17,000 a year. President, Peter L.


Saving $125,000 for a Realtor:
My name is Tom Zhou and I am a realtor selling and buying properties. I had a property like-kind exchanged in 2005 and my former accountant did not include any cost for the new property received. My former accountant thought the property was exchanged and thus the cost basis was gone. Mary corrected the error and applied the Internal Revenue Code 1031 – the cost of the old plus any cash paid becomes the new cost. Mary picked up around $500,000 cost basis, which translated into a tax savings of $125,000.


Saved $30,000 and $17,000 for a Cleaning Company:
Mary took over my book and tax this year. At the onset of the engagement, Mary found many omissions and errors that frightened her! The prior accountant omitted 4 loans and 6 credit cards on the balance sheet and also mis-categorized all the investment assets as expenses. Mary corrected the errors and took a strategy and saved me $30,000 in 2010. In 2011, Mary reclassified excess distribution to officer's loan receivable and saved $17,000. By Marcello.P, President of a cleaning company.

Savings $13,500 for an Attorney:
I am an attorney from the south shores and I found Mary Ling from craiglist. I had Mary do my 2011 tax returns and she found the depreciation was not taken previously for three rental properties. Depreciation is allowed or allowable meaning if you don't take it you will lose it. In addition, the prior accountant did not deduct the personal bad debt $50,000 and casualty losses. Mary advised me to amend tax returns and to take appropriate deduction for 2011 that saved me at least $13,500. by Brian W, Attorney.

Saving $10,000 for a High Networth Individual:
My tax return is very complicated because I was from China with high income, foreign financial assets, foreign bank account, etc.. I expected to pay around $15,000 additional federal tax for 2011 tax year because I did not pay estimated taxes with a lot of income. Mary took the foreign income exclusion, foreign tax credit, and alimony deduction, then she eliminated the state tax returns when filing was not required. In the end I only had to pay $5,800 and I called her BIG-NAMED CPA Mary Ling. By Y. Chen.


$10,000 Refund - Mary Takes Legitimate Deductions:
I am a small business owner. Our farmer accountant did not let us take quite a few deductions, eg personal bad debt, net operating loss, etc. When I switched to Mary in 2011, she said those deductions could have been taken and excess could have been carried forward. Mary did our taxes for a few years, one of the years we had over $10,000 refunds from federal and state. By Brian M, Manager.


Incorporate to Save $5,000 Tax a Year:
I am a sole-proprietor making more than $500,000 net profit a year.  I always had to pay a lot of self-employment tax. Ms. Ling told me to incorporate into an S-corporation to save this type of tax. I told her advice and end up saving $5,000 a year with the new entity type. By Mr. Tilks


Saving $4000 per Year by Shifting Business Income to Rent Income:
I am sole-proprietor making around $100,000 profit a year. I use the first floor of my home for office. Mary told me to have the business pay fair market value rent to myself. I took her advice and thus $25,000 business income is shifted to rental income. In this way, I have been saving $4000 a year. By Mr. Jackson

Saving $3000 Each Year by Taking Distribution Instead of Salary for an S-Corporation:
I have an S-corporation. In the past my former accountant paid all my income as salary to myself. Salary is subject to FICA tax. Mary told me I needed only pay reasonable salary and I could have distributed the rest. I took her strategy to pay 70% of my income as salary and take 30% as distribution. As a result, I save $3000 each year. By Mr. Zhang

Take Credits to Qualify for Social Security Retirement Benefits:
We are the Chen family and 2007 was the first year Mary began to do our taxes. In the past, our self-employment income was treated as wages and reported on line 1 of Form 1040 and thus no social security taxes were paid on this income. Mary corrected it so that we paid in some social security tax. In this way we will be able to collect social security benefits when we reach our retirement age.


Savings for the Trung Phu Family:
Our daughter was in college in 2007 and we spent a great deal of money on college tuition for her. Mary took great effort to maximize our daughter's education credit. Because my daughter was a freshman, which would normally be qualified her for the Hope Credit of $1500. After some research, Mary took a $2000 credit instead. We got the maximum education credit that the tax law allowed.

Saving $980 Every Year by Taking the Refundable Circuit Breaker Credit for Seniors:
We are retired and over 65 years old seniors paying real estate taxes every year. 2011 was the first year we had Mary do our taxes. Mary has been getting us a refundable credit of $980 every year from 2011 on. By P. Chung.


Positive Examination Outcome for a Restaurant:
We were audited by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for meals tax in 2012. We were very worried but Mary assured us there was nothing to worry about because we did not disobey the law. She submitted all the requested documents and accompanied the auditor in the examination process. At the end, the auditor did not find anything to change our tax. We were very relived! By Peter L, President of a restaurant.

Don't do Tax Returns Yourself:
We did our personal taxes every year and it would take us a few days to complete our tax return prepared with Turbo tax. In 2011 we brought our completed Turbo tax return for Mary to review before we submit them. Mary input our tax information into her tax software and only took her two hours to complete the tax returns. At the end, her result was $2,000 less in tax. By P. Chang.

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